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Kill Or No Kill? What Is The Best Way To Deal With SoCal’s Rising Coyote Population

Urban coyote walking through a parking lot
Urban coyote walking through a parking lot
Flickr user Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

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Coyotes are back in Southern California and seemingly more aggressive than ever.

If you’ve checked the Nextdoor app or even just chatted with your neighbors recently, chances are they’ve mentioned a coyote sighting. Plus, just yesterday there was a grisly incident in Buena Park in which a coyote entered a resident’s home through a doggie door and attacked the dogs inside. So what’s the best way to deal with coyotes in urban areas? Are lethal means the answer? 

Scientists say there’s no evidence that the number of coyotes is rising, but it seems anecdotally that there are more sightings and animal lovers and parents are understandably nervous.

Have you seen coyotes recently? How are you protecting your pets and children? What are your local officials recommending? Call us at 866-893-5722.


Niamh Quinn, human-wildlife interactions advisor with the University of California’s Cooperative Extension, a branch of the UC system which researches local issues; she tweets @niamhnichuinn