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AirTalk Listeners and Parents Share Tips On Supporting Autistic Children At Public Events

Parent embracing their child.
Parent embracing their child.
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A man with autism was asked to leave a Segerstrom Hall performance of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” after other attendees complained he was being disruptive. 

According to CBS Los Angeles, Logan Mundt was at the theater with his mother and care provider when ushers told them to leave during the first act. The mother and son attended the same show days earlier, and took precautions like bringing headphones and a blanket for Logan. His mother isn’t upset with Segerstrom Hall, but wants the theater to offer staff sensitivity training.

If you’re a parent or caretaker of someone with autism, what has been your experience bringing them to public events? How do you help them stay calm? What can venues do to support you? Call Airtalk at 866-893-5722 to share your ideas.


Amy-Jane Griffiths, Licensed Clinical Psychologist , assistant professor of clinical counseling at Chapman University, she’s licensed in psychology and previously worked for Advance LA, which counsels young people with disabilities