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What’s The Buzz With All The Mosquitoes In SoCal This Summer?

A mosquito is photographed on human skin.
A mosquito is photographed on human skin.
Luis Robayo/AFP/Getty Images

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If you’ve gone outside, you’ve probably noticed that L.A.’s signature summer mosquitoes are everywhere. Or if not, you’ve definitely noticed the morning after, when you woke up scratching at the angry red welts on your ankles. 

It is true that there has been an influx of mosquitoes in Southern California, and not just our native Culex species. We’re now also dealing with the invasive Aedes mosquito, which, unlike the Culex, is especially aggressive, bites at all times of day and specifically targets humans. And since we’re not used to their saliva, their bites can cause more intense reactions, such as redness and swelling. 

Where did the invasive Aedes come from? What’s being done to control their population? And how can you protect yourself from these blood-suckers and the various dangers they pose? 

Larry sits down with two experts, plus we take your questions at 866-893-5722.


Anais Medina Diaz, public information officer at the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District

Edith Mirzaian, associate professor of clinical pharmacy at the University of Southern California; she is an expert in travel health and mosquito-borne illness