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The Latest On Hurricane Dorian’s Destruction In The Bahamas And What’s To Come For The East Coast

Hurricane Dorian Makes Its Way Up East Coast
Hurricane Dorian Makes Its Way Up East Coast
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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Hurricane Dorian wiped out entire neighborhoods and left scenes of complete destruction in areas of the Bahamas.

According to an article in the Washington Post, authorities say the recovery from the damage will cost billions. The hurricane is weaker now and rolling along the coast of Florida, but there could be more destruction coming soon. South Carolina is apparently already seeing flooding and it’s expected to get worse as the day progresses. The Post & Courier reports that forecasters expect a 10-foot high tide by 2 a.m. (EDT). Emergency officials have urged residents on the cost to evacuate. We get the latest on the hurricane and the potential impact to come. 


Jonathan Archer, rector of the Christ Episcopal Church in Miami’s Coconut Grove neighborhood, which is known as the “Little Bahamas”; former head of a parish in Long Island, Bahamas

Bobby Allyn, staff reporter at NPR who is in Savannah, Georgia, covering Hurricane Dorian; he tweets @BobbyAllyn