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The Latest On Hurricane Dorian As It Rakes The Southeast US Coast

Hurricane Dorian Makes Its Way Up East Coast
Hurricane Dorian Makes Its Way Up East Coast
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Hurricane Dorian raked the coastal Carolinas with howling, window-rattling winds and sideways rain Thursday, spinning off tornadoes and knocking out power to more than 200,000 homes and businesses as it pushed northward toward the dangerously exposed Outer Banks. 

Leaving at least 20 people dead in its wake in the devastated Bahamas, Dorian made its way up the Eastern Seaboard, sweeping past Florida on Wednesday at a relatively safe distance. From there, the storm apparently grazed Georgia overnight, then hugged the South Carolina coast with more serious effects.It strengthened briefly to a Category 3 hurricane, then dropped back to a Category 2, with winds of 110 mph, still a threat to hundreds of miles of coastline.  

The National Hurricane Center's projected track showed Dorian passing near or over North Carolina's Outer Banks on Friday, lashing the thin line of islands that stick out from the U.S. coast like a boxer's chin. Dorian was then expected to peel away from the shoreline.Larry sits down with reporters based in Charleston and Wilmington to get the latest updates on Hurricane Dorian and how it’s impacting the community.

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Tony Bartelme, a senior reporter for the Post & Courier in Charleston, South Carolina

Benjamin Schachtman,  managing editor at the Port City Daily, an online news publication in Wilmington, NC