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‘Greetings From Las Vegas:’ Hundreds Of Vintage Photos And Postcards Tell The Tale Of What Became An Entertainment Mecca

Greetings From Las Vegas by Peter Moruzzi
Greetings From Las Vegas by Peter Moruzzi

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The new book, “Greetings from Las Vegas,” is an informative visual narrative that celebrates the evolution of Las Vegas.

Author and historian Peter Moruzzi uses humor and more than 300 vintage photos and postcards to tell the story of Las Vegas, from its beginning as an old railroad town to one of the entertainment capitals of the world. After the legalization of gambling in the early 1930s, blocks transformed with neon displays that would help cultivate downtown’s identity. The book also looks at the facts and myths that surround how the iconic Las Vegas Strip and nightlife came to be what they are today.


Peter Moruzzi will be at Wacko in Los Feliz this Saturday, Sept 7, at 6pm, to talk about his book, “Greetings from Las Vegas”. 


Peter Moruzzi, historian and author of the new book, “Greetings from Las Vegas” (Gibbs Smith, 2019)