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How Should Artists Respond To Reviews And Criticism?

Cover photo for Lana Del Rey's new album
Cover photo for Lana Del Rey's new album "Norman F---ing Rockwell"

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Lana Del Rey did not like a recent critique of her new album, “Norman F— Rockwell,” from pop music critic Ann Powers. And she let her know. 

The music artist took to Twitter to let Powers and her more than nine million followers know she wasn’t pleased.  Powers used the word “uncooked” to describe Del Rey’s lyrics while also describing herself as a fan of the musician. Fans from both sides came to the defense of Del Rey and Powers, but some spewed anger-filled messages as a result. The rise of social media has given superfans a platform for speaking out in defense of their favorite artists, but it sometimes goes too far. It’s something other artists have had to address with their fans. So how should artists respond to criticism of their work and do they have a responsibility today in how their fans react as well?  


Wade Major, film critic for KPCC and