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A Conversation With 2020 Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer

Tom Steyer Holds Event In Charleston, South Carolina
Tom Steyer Holds Event In Charleston, South Carolina
Sean Rayford/Getty Images

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Democratic Candidate Tom Steyer joins us for a discussion on climate change, corporate greed, and what’s ahead for his campaign in the 2020 election.

Steyer has made a name for himself leading the grassroots campaign calling for President Trump’s impeachment. Now he’s thrown his hat in the race for president and is running a campaign based on the platform of government reform and climate action.

The self-made billionaire and philanthropist has staked out progressive positions on a number of issues through his nonprofit organization NextGenAmerica, and hopes that his policies will resonate with Democratic voters. Steyer launched his presidential bid in July and has qualified for for both the October and November debates. Tonight, he is scheduled to speak at the Human Rights Campaign/CNN’s Pride Town Hall focusing on LGBTQ issues. Do you have questions for Tom Steyer? Call 866-893-5722 to share your thoughts on the candidate.


Tom Steyer, democratic presidential candidate and founder of NextGen America