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Let It All Hang Out Or Zip It Up: How Do You Deal With Nudity In The Home?

Three babies enjoying a drink of milk.
Three babies enjoying a drink of milk.
Fred Morley/Getty Images

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A Utah woman was charged last week with lewdness after being found topless by her step children in her own home. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the woman said she and her husband had been installing insulation in the garage when they removed their clothes to get rid of the itchy material. But the situation didn’t end there.

It’s resulted in three counts of lewdness involving a child, according to NPR News. The Associated Press reports, the woman has said she considers herself a feminist and says everyone should be OK with walking around their house with some exposed skin. 

We’re not going to get into the complexities of this particular case (the Utah woman is fighting the charges, by the way). But we’d like to hear from AirTalk listeners. How is nudity treated within your home? Do you follow some sort of unwritten or obscure guidelines? Are you okay with exposing yourself in the house? How do children fit into the equation? We want to hear your thoughts and stories. To join the conversation, call 866-893-5722.