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How The ‘Silver Tsunami’ Will Change The Real Estate Market In The Coming Decades

A home for sale in central Los Angeles.
A home for sale in central Los Angeles.
Christopher Okula/KPCC

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Baby boomers are expected to launch millions of houses into the market over the next couple decades in what’s being dubbed the “silver tsunami.” 

According to economists, boomers are already starting to age into retirement. As they pass away in large quantities, their homes will flood the housing market. It’s difficult to wrap your head around that given talks of housing shortages and unaffordable prices across the country. But there could be too many people selling homes and not enough buyers. That could mean more affordable prices for younger adults, but it also could mean homeowners have a hard time finding interested buyers and potentially even lose money. The research finds that places with more vibrant economies will be least affected, whereas retirement hotbeds will be most affected. According to a column in the San Diego Union-Tribune, housing experts say the transition will be gradual.

Today on AirTalk, we dive head first into the so called “silver tsunami” to discuss the impacts and timeline. Do you have questions about this? Join the conversation by calling 866-893-5722.

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Dowell Myers, Urban planning and demography professor at the Price School of Public Policy at USC; he tweets @ProfDowellMyers

Adam Fowler, director of research with Beacon Economics, whose expertise includes Southern California’s housing market