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Amidst Shelter In Place, What’s Happening At LA County’s Courts?

LA Superior Court in downtown Los Angeles.
LA Superior Court in downtown Los Angeles.
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Los Angeles County has the nation's largest trial court system and as of last Tuesday, it's been shut down to the public due to the coronavirus.

The trial courts re-opened Friday for "essential or emergency matters" - other cases will be on hold for up to a month. Read more about the measure on LAist

Meanwhile, the Sheriff’s department is releasing some inmates early. 

What qualifies as an emergency matter? What does this mean for people who’ve been arrested? And what’s the impact on other types of cases? We talk with attorney Peter Walzer, who’s been practicing family in Los Angeles court for almost 40 years. 


Peter M. Walzer, family law attorney and founding partner  of Walzer Melcher LLC based in Woodland Hills