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Twitter Will Let Some Employees Work From Home 'Forever.' Would You Want To?

A woman works in her living room as her children attend school online.
A woman works in her living room as her children attend school online.
Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images

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Employees at Twitter who are working from home will be able to continue to telecommute permanently, if they so choose. The email from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to employees made waves this week, as many companies have temporarily shifted to work from home amid the coronavirus crisis. Twitter also increased its allowance for supplies for working from home to $1,000 for all employees, according to BuzzFeed.

There are lots of reasons why this makes sense. Concerns about interacting with people outside one's immediate household aren't going away any time soon. And until a coronavirus vaccine is developed and becomes widely available, certain social distancing requirements will remain in place and companies will have to implement safety measures in shared workspaces. But working from home comes with it's own challenges too. There's the lack of face-to-face interaction for one thing, and until children are able to go back to school or daycare, working from home is especially difficult for working parents and guardians.

There are larger questions too about how telecommuting becoming the new norm might transform cities, allow more companies to outsource jobs to other parts of the US or beyond, or even hurt established outsourcing hubs.

If you had the ability to work from home forever, would you want to? For those who have been working at home during this time, what have been the best and worst parts of it? Call us at 866.893.5722 to weigh in.