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Are Coins The New Toilet Paper? NPR’s Scott Horsley Explains The Shortage

An assortment of U.S. coins.
An assortment of U.S. coins.
Mary-Lynn/Flickr (cc by-nc-nd)

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The coronavirus pandemic has created yet another shortage: coins. Have you noticed challenges getting coins for laundry or even just getting change back? 

According to an article from NPR’s Scott Horsley, the Federal Reserve has had to ration coins thanks to the shortage. And it means some grocery stores aren’t able to offer change in coins when customers pay in cash. Today on AirTalk, Horsley joins Larry to explain how we got to this point and when we’ll see a “change,” so to speak. Has the coin shortage impacted you in one way or another? Tell us about it by calling 866-893-5722.


Scott Horsley, NPR chief economics correspondent; he tweets @HorsleyScott