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New Book ‘Preserving Los Angeles’ Showcases Success The City Has Made In Preserving Historic Places

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Photo of "Preserving Los Angeles: How Historic Places Can Transform America's Cities" by Ken Bernstein

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The city of Los Angeles has found itself growing in population and modernizing its development for all of its existence, just like many other iconic cities. Yet according to Ken Bernstein’s new book “Preserving Los Angeles: How Historic Places Can Transform America's Cities,” one thing the city has managed to do is maintain areas longtime Angelenos consider historic.

Bernstein, a Principal City Planner for the City of Los Angeles, uses the book as a blueprint for many other cities to learn what steps they can make to build community around their local landmarks.

Today on AirTalk, we talk to Bernstein about his book and how L.A. has preserved culturally-significant sites throughout its neighborhoods.

Ken will be talking about his book at multiple upcoming events throughout Southern California:


Ken Bernstein, author of the new book “Preserving Los Angeles: How Historic Places Can Transform America's Cities” (Angel City Press, April 2021); he is a principal city planner for the Los Angeles Department of City Planning, oversees the city’s Office of Historic Resources, which is responsible for Los Angeles’s historic preservation policies and programs, and he leads the department’s Urban Design Studio, which works to elevate the quality of design for private development projects and major civic investments