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One month on Aurora, CO residents still reeling

James Holmes, in an Arapahoe County, Colo., court on July 23.
James Holmes, in an Arapahoe County, Colo., court on July 23.

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One month after the killings in Aurora, Colorado, a community is still reeling. 12 people were killed and 57 were injured when alleged shooter James Holmes burst into a theater and fired into the audience. Holmes faces more than 140 counts of murder and he's due in court later this week.

While there aren't any formal memorials, many residents will likely be visiting the impromptu memorial site on a hill near the theater. People have been stopping there since the shooting. The theater company has not said if they're going to reopen the theater.

Contributions to the victims of the shooting is flooding in. The main fund has about 4.4 million dollars in it and it should begin being distributed next week.

A Martinez speaks with Megan Verlee, a reporter from Colorado Public Radio.

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