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Ex-Navy SEAL to publish tell-all book on bin Laden raid

Navy Seals in training
Navy Seals in training
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Members of the military say they've been betrayed by one of their own

A former Navy SEAL who was part of the team that took down Osama bin Laden last year is planning to publish a book detailing the operation.

The book, to be released Sept. 11, is called "No Easy Day" and it was written under the pseudonym Mark Owen. Fox News has reported his real name.

Pentagon officials say the book did not go through proper channels and is not cleared for release. And Admiral Bill McRaven, the head of special operations, says he'll take legal action against anyone who divulges secrets that could harm his troops.

Former SEAL Don Mann is also critical.

"If anybody lets out any classified information that the enemy can use against us, it really puts our people at risk," Mann said.

Mann has written six books, including the latest, "Inside Seal Team 6." He said all his books were vetted by the military and passages had to be redacted.

Mann said he worries that al Qaeda loyalists will want to seek revenge on the special operatives who killed their "spiritual leader."


Don Mann, former Seal and author of the book "Inside Seal Team 6."

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