A three-minute rundown of the best (and worst) of this week’s film releases, including the go-to movie for the weekend.
Hosted by Larry Mantle
Airs Friday during All Things Considered and Saturday during Weekend Edition

Filmweek (7/3/14): Tammy, Earth To Echo, Deliver Us From Evil, and more

Larry Mantle and KPCC film critics Claudia Puig and Henry Sheehan review this week’s releases, including Tammy, Earth To Echo, Deliver Us From Evil, the 50th anniversary release of A Hard Day's Night and more. TGI-Filmweek!

Then, documentarian Steve James talks with Larry about the new film and Roger Ebert's outsize influence on contemporary film criticism. His life and career is now the subject of the documentary, "Life Itself."

Whether you are an avid cinephile or a casual moviegoer, Roger Ebert is a name that needs no introduction. The former Chicago Sun-Times critic and television host passed away last April from cancer at the age of 70.


Claudia Puig, film critic for KPCC and USA today

Henry Sheehan, film critic for KPCC and CriticsAGoGo.com

Steve James, director, "Life Itself"