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Filmweek (05/09/14): Neighbors, Mom's Night Out, Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return and more

Larry and KPCC film critics Tim Cogshell, Peter Rainer, and Charles Solomon review this week’s releases, including “Neighbors,” “Mom’s Night Out,” “Legends of Oz; Dorothy’s Return,” and more. Then, Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles" is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Larry and the critics discuss the film's influential legacy. TGI-Filmweek!


Mom's Night Out

Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return


Tim Cogshell, film critic for KPCC and Alt Film Guide

Peter Rainer, film critic for KPCC and the Christian Science Monitor; author of “Rainer on Film: Thirty Years of Film Writing in a Turbulent and Transformative Era”

Charles Solomon, animation film critic for KPCC and Indiewire animation scoop