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'Furious 7' stunt crew catapults flick to best of its genre

James Wan on the set of
James Wan on the set of "Furious 7."
Scott Garfield

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The Furious 7 stunt team employed more than 140 crew members to pull off astounding feats of speeding cars, crashing cars, and even a flying car all to rave reviews from critics for its opening weekend.

From stunt drivers and precision drivers to riggers, coordinators, and stunt doubles, the expensive, risky Fast & Furious franchise is one of the best in its genre. Where do you rank the series among great racing movies? What are the best locations for car stunts and speedy scenes, for example, the streets of Paris or winding mountainous roads or metro tunnels? How do stunt crews work together to choreograph complicated scenes? What are your favorite racing movies or car chase scenes?


Tim Sabatino, Precision Driver, “Furious 7;” Sabatino’s other credits include stunt driver on “The Dark Knight Rises”