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#FaveForeignFilms - Shining a spotlight on the best ever international cinema

Tourists walk past a poster of Italian director's film Gianni Amelio
Tourists walk past a poster of Italian director's film Gianni Amelio "Le chavi di casa" (The house keys) next to the Cinema palace in Venice Lido, 31 August 2004.

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When Hollywood celebrities chime in about their favorite films ever, often times their lists neglect to include any foreign fare.

The recently trending hashtag #Fav7Films elicited thousands of tweets mentioning everything from" Rocky" to "Blade Runner" to, the most popular, "The Dark Knight," but not a single foreign film made the top 15. Some actors had a token of subtitled cinema - Amy Schumer lists "City of God" in her top seven, Josh Radnor has "Yi Yi" in his.

Overall, it seems Americans - even those who make movies for a living - do not watch foreign-language movies with any regularity. On FilmWeek today, we want to give your favorite foreign films a chance to shine.

Oscar winners such as Russia's "Burnt by the Sun," or films that won big in their own country, such as "The Confessional" from Canada, would make strong contenders. Plus, it would be helpful to highlight movies that would be tough to remake in Hollywood fashion, as has been suggested about "Force Majeure" -- a 2014 Swedish movie with such subtlety and nuance that it's hard to imagine Fox Searchlight will pull off its American remake deftly.

What are some of your favorite foreign films and why? Could they be remade into American movies?


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