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Eyes Don't Lie

Your eyes can't lie when it comes to your birthday.

You can tell a lot about a person by their eyes, like their. . . birthday?

This is Sandra Loh with the Loh Down on Science

Saying that's right. Danish scientists now say they can tell exactly what year you were born, just by looking at your eyes.

It has NOTHING to do with crow's feet. And everything to do with radiation.

Nuclear weapon testing in the 1950's caused a huge spike in atmospheric levels of carbon-14, a heavier, radioactive form of carbon. That carbon-14 has been decaying at a steady rate since the tests ended.

Tiny bits of the stuff get incorporated into your eye lenses ONLY when they're first developing--when you're a fetus. So, the scientists figured, measuring the level of carbon-14 offers a handy way to pinpoint your date of birth. Just. . . carbon-date your eyeballs!

The only hitch? They need a lens sample. Which ...they can only get when you're already dead. And to do the dating? You need a rather large nuclear accelerator. Mine's in the shop.

Or. . . They can just look at your driver's license. And that IS my true weight. Really!