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Egg Shells

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A clean energy future, fresh from the farm.

All this angst about global warming may have you walking on eggshells--literally!

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science

and on. . . the shell of an egg.

Eggshells are largely made of calcium carbonate -- the mineral in chalk and lime.

When shells are ground up and heated, calcium carbonate turns into calcium oxide, which, conveniently, absorbs carbon dioxide, or CO2, a cause of global warming.

So we fling eggshells into the atmosphere to stop global warming!!???!!


But carbon dioxide is ALSO produced as a by-product of the creation of hydrogen fuel--the clean fuel of the future.

L.S. Fan of Ohio State University says CO2, though, can be easily soaked up by pulverized eggshells -- THE most efficient material for absorbing CO2. EVER.

Before using them to save the planet, Fan removes the tough membrane of collagen inside the shells that makes them tough to grind.

But that left-over collagen is a highly marketable ingredient for cosmetics. My face feels smoother already.

In short, Emily Dickinson was right. Hope IS the thing with feathers.