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Florida researchers build a better UFO.

UFOs over Florida? Who knew?

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science

saying something IS out there!

We're not talking Area 51. More like Parking Lot 51, at the University of Florida. That's where engineering professor Subrata Roy has built a six-inch spinning aircraft that HOVERS.

His prototype is hardly a flying saucer. With a large hole through its center, it's more of a flying Bundt pan.

He calls it "WEAV," short for Wingless Electromagnetic Air Vehicle. Electrodes cover its surface. Run a current through, and the electrodes create a cushion of polarized ions that push away air molecules. Picture the cushion of air under a hovercraft that lets it float above water.

Result? Tiny WEAV hovers and spins! JOLT it with electricity, and off WEAV flies! A joy ride--to make teeny crop circles or to suck Barbie and Ken inside to perform medical experiments.

More fodder for conspiracy theorists? Hardly. WEAV has actually drawn funding from the Air Force, as part of a program to develop alternative propulsion systems.

Of course, if asked, they may deny it. But WE know. I, and the 49 subscribers to my newsletter.