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Sweet Spot

This sound system offers precisely targeted audio enjoyment.

Calling all audio geeks!

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science

and on a stereo that goes that extra audiophile mile.

High tech stereo systems are installed to direct the sound to a sweet spot-- The perfect listening place, where sound is pure, dynamic and intense. It's typically located equidistant between the speakers.

Problem? For many systems, the sweet spot is small. Move to either side of the. . . zebra striped futon, and you may lose it entirely.

But Sony Electronics thinks the sweet spot should move.

In their patented system, the listener wears an electronic tracker so the system can triangulate his position--like a guided missile zeroing in on a target.

Each speaker has a transmitter to inform the system of its position relative to the listener, and other speakers.

With this targeting information, the system constantly adjusts the speaker sound so the sweet spot moves right along with the listener.

It's an AWESOME first date tool! Audiophile guy wears transmitter on head to demonstrate rad toonage, girl finds car keys, goes home. Dude! One IS the loneliest number.