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Buzz Kill

Sobriety, in capsule form.

Buzz-kill--in a pill?

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science

and on sobriety. . . in capsule form.

Sound hard to swallow? But indeed, it's the sober truth. Researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University have found a drug that puts the kibosh on the pleasurable effects of alcohol.

The drug--called C-P-one-five-four-five-two-six --stops the brain from giving off corticotrophin-releasing factor, or C-R-F.

It's the chemical behind the pleasurable sensations we get from imbibing alcohol, cocaine, even food.

In early tests, the researchers fed alcohol to mice, then gave them the drug.

Treated mice seemed less affected by alcohol than their un-drugged cousins. They were also less likely to indicate they wanted another shot of booze.

When taken as a whiskey chaser, this drug takes the happy out of happy hour. Worse yet, drinkers can still get a hangover. No buzz plus a major headache makes bar hopping no fun.

Researchers say this pill might also take the kick out of other substances. . . like nicotine, heroin, or cocaine.

Hey--if it keeps drunk mice off the road on New Year's Eve, we're all for it! We guess.