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Crash Test

Is NASCAR the sport . . . of nerds?

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.

North American Stock Car Racing, or NASCAR, is crash-tastic! Conventional wisdom has long held that NASCAR’s huge TV popularity stems from the thrill of its high-performance cars, aggressive driving and, occasionally, smash-ups!

But John Solow, an economist at the University of Iowa, recently wondered: Statistically speaking, is that true?

So Solow and team pulled data from 135 NASCAR races. They examined statistics such as: crashes, track length, and whether NFL games were broadcast at the same time.

Then they created a mathematical formula measuring how those factors, uh, impacted each race's Nielsen TV ratings.

Turns out, wrecks indeed increased viewership. About six percent, per crash, per race! But they also found a surprise. Crashes mattered MORE prior to 2004. That’s the year NASCAR adopted a year-end, point-based championship tournament.

After that, crashes still mattered, but close point rankings mattered more.

Meaning: NASCAR dads? Closet stat geeks! Who knew?

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