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Music to My Ears

So what if you've failed at being a Tiger Mom? Your cubs may still survive!

This Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down On Science.

Perhaps you're vexed because your former Baby Einstein is now a pre-teen FRANKENstein, refusing to practice the piano. A recent study shows that even a few years of music lessons can change the way the brain functions--for the better!

The study tested groups of adults: one group with no childhood musical training; another with one to five years of training, and a third with six to eleven years of training.

Turns out, even those adults with only a few years of childhood music instruction had better hearing for complex sounds and low frequencies. Such sounds not only help define musical complexities, but are vital in deciphering speech in noisy environments -- like Chuck E. Cheese or a Vegas blackjack table.

So relax. A few years of music may not get your kids to Carnegie Hall, but it will make them better listeners later in life.

Just not now, when asked to clean their rooms.

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