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Laser Sniffer

Canine on a keychain?

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science

And a Triscuit-sized gadget that sniffs out scents like a bloodhound. Quite literally.
It’s the pet project of UC Santa Barbara’s Carl Meinhart. And it works like the nose of a dog.
Air enters a nostril-like opening. It passes over an ultrathin layer of liquid. This mimics the mucus lining inside a dog’s nose.

Scent molecules get stuck, and dissolve. But with so little liquid, the scent’s chemical signal in solution is about a million times more concentrated than it was in air. Woof! Identifying it is now is much easier. The device does this using a tiny laser.

It’s like a sniffer dog the size of a keychain! It can sniff-erentiate between nearly identical molecules.

Unlike real dogs, this "pocket pooch" doesn’t need training and never gets distracted. And it can detect everything from explosives to drugs to food contaminants--even some diseases.
Aw, what a beautiful tale called “Old Smeller.”  Except that it’s new.  You know.

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