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This new material's powers will almost make you believe in magic!

If you dig action-packed films, you’ll love this one!

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.

Materials scientists from Harvard University have created a seemingly magical membrane.  Why magical?  You can change how transparent or how water-repellant it is, just by stretching it!

The magic is its three layers.  You begin with an elastic base.  Add a slab of flexible Teflon riddled with nanosized pores.  Last comes a coating of special lubricant with otherworldly properties.  It never dries up or drips.  And it makes the Teflon even slicker.  Liquids roll off with ease.

But now . . . Stretch it.  The nanopores widen and swallow the lube.  Presto!  The once-smooth surface is now pitted—and rougher and stickier than a cat’s tongue.  Liquids are stopped in their tracks.  The film also turns from translucent to opaque—because the rough surface scatters light.

Picture airy, sun-blocking tents that turn transparent and waterproof with darkness and rain.

Watch a video of it being tested.  Just go to our website and search for "nanofilm." 

I can't wait til they make a slip 'n slide from it!  Just sayin’

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