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You won't believe what's in these running shoes!

Hey runners, here’s some news that will literally put a spring in your step!

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science, saying, a bedspring, that is!

Running is a high-impact sport.  Pounding the pavement hammers your bones and joints.  That’s why running shoes have all sorts of high-tech cushions to ease footfalls.  Yet three-quarters of runners still sustain impact-induced injuries.  Is there a better way?

Enter Jim Richards, from the University of Central Lancashire.  His solution?  Tennies with bedspring soles!  Why not?!  He worked with mattress company Harrison Spinks to design pint-sized versions of their best springs.  Then he plunked them into what an otherwise normal foam-and-gel-filled gym shoe.  Voila!  It absorbs more shock than normal—and even adds kick to your, uh, kick.  The design can even be customized to each owner.  That is, tweaked to minimize the risk of injury based on one’s running style.  The shoe could hit stores before year’s end.

The only problem?  In test runs, people’s feet kept falling asleep!  Just pulling your leg.

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