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How happy are you? Your smartphone knows!

Ooh! A new iPhone app that tells us when and where … we’re happy?

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science, saying:

It’s not as nutty as it sounds.

Our immediate environment affects us.  Think:  jail cell.  Now:  sunny garden.  Each place creates a different emotional state that affects our well-being.  But does it matter at a finer scale?  Like reading at a lake versus reading on a bus?

Enter … Mappiness!  It's an app created by the London School of Economics.  It correlates your mood with your current environment, in real-time.  How?  It beeps.  Then you rate your happiness at that precise moment.  It maps your location AND surroundings using satellites.  Near a smokestack?  It knows.  It even records noise levels through your mic.

A little spooky, sure.  But the point?  The massive, continually updated dataset gauges public well-being over time.  So far the project has found that people tend to be happier outdoors, in natural surroundings.

Download Mappiness free from iTunes.  And then take that iPAD into the woods!  Please.


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