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Ham on Cheese: The tritips-- part 1

Sandra Tsing Loh and Equinox Gym.

Is it a paradox that I go. . . to my gym. . . to watch food shows?

Deeper question, perhaps:
Do we ALL go to the gym. . . to secretly watch food shows?
Or at least to MY gym--Equinox in Pasadena.

Which is distinct from the Equinox in West L.A., which seems much more grim and corporate and has THREE FLOORS. Like I go to a gym to climb stairs! Then there's the Equinox in West Hollywood, where. . . ?

Well-- I'm just saying that, given that L.A.'s gay population probably has to look better than any OTHER population? There are MACHINES at the West Hollywood EQUINOX I have never before SEEN, working parts of the ABS that I never knew EXISTED. Like the lower ab, the pectoral ab, the ab on ab, and also THAT which I did not KNOW humans had, the TRITIPS--

And yes it IS embarrassing that I'm familiar with the inside of SO MANY gyms. As my friend LA Times columnist Meghan Daum says, about writers, "We work out a lot."

But back to the Equinox in Pasadena-- Which I think of as a kinder, gentler Equinox--

Certainly, the rows of blinking TV's have their share of CNN and Headline NEWS, along with some curious infomercials for both REMOVING hair, adding it, and then REMOVING it again.

There is ALSO a generous dollop of Real Housewives, shrei-ing their way in heels from Atlanta to New Jersey across strange SOMEWHAT-for-charity costume balls they totally made UP. . . Which feature frightening NESTS of glittering mylar balloons emblazened with photographs of their own HEADS, that's how weird some of this IS-- CRYING, because they will MISS them so much, as they pack their 10 year olds off to BOARDING SCHOOL-- Before jumping into the Maserati and running off for LIPOSUCTION-- Of their. . TRITIPS--

So there IS all of that, sure. But--and I think this is PARTICULARLY curious for a GYM, where people are SUPPOSED to be working OUT--WHY so many FOOD shows ON tv? It's a puzzle.

But no matter. As a person who has by now watched MANY of them, let me TELL you, there are no HEALTHY cooking shows on television. A Post-Pritikin AMERICA is in rebellion. It's all about FAT now.
Are you--and your quivering tritips--interested?

Next week: journey to the Fat Zone?