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Sandra Tsing Loh's few favorite things around the house.

I’m the sort harried working mom who truly BELIEVES my life can be transformed with the right household invention.

A couple of Costco Christmases ago, it was all about Snapware.  Do you have Snapware?  It’s like Tupperware, but comes in rectangles with four colorful tabs on the lids you SNAP open and shut.  Just thinking about it makes me want to go into my kitchen and snap those puppies, in the same horrible way I used to love bulbing out my congested babies’ noses.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the less said, the better.  PS: by now many of those snaps have simply fallen off.

I am fascinated by this TV commercial for a motorized device that gently sucks out ear wax, resulting in what appear to be disposable liquid cartridges of your ear wax.  The ad cites the old saw that it’s dangerous to clean out your ears with Q-tips.  It shows a man in the bathroom recoiling—with a sharp cry—as he pierces his own ear drums!  What can I tell you?  I’ve seen not just corns and hammertoes, but a businessman gloomily wandering the city carrying a beaker of his own uric acid.  Strange medical things are happening on daytime television.

But doesn’t EVERYONE clean out their ears with Q-tips?  It’s literally their only function.  It’s efficient, and it’s satisfying!  This is probably TMI.

Slightly unrelated is the recent upswell I’ve noticed in the use of the  word “craveable.”  Or, in having a “craveability” factor.  A “craveable,” if I may use it as a noun, is a new unnecessary thing you’re suddenly addicted to.  It was like when I watched my first Super Bowl recently.  In the first half, I became a die-hard Baltimore Ravens fan.  In the second, I proceeded to tear my own graying hairs out follicle by follicle.  I’m not a dessert person, but I’ve learned if you put a CPK “Butter Cake” in front of me—a toothsome warm, salty, moist pound cake with vanilla ice cream—I will take it into a dark alley and shovel it into my gullet without stopping to breathe.

Which brings us finally, inevitably, to Soda Stream.  When I first saw it at Bed, Bath and Beyond, I was unimpressed.  This was a gadget that transformed regular H20 into bubbly lukewarm swamp water with a slimy root beer finish.  Why?  But recently, a girlfriend pointed out that you can skip the dubious “flavors” and just make bubbly water.  Fascinated, I got one.  It’s powered by a flammable-looking metal canister accompanied with lots of sinister warnings.  I love it.  Three huge machine farts and you have Pellegrino, or something close to it.

So, it’s good times at home with Soda Stream, Snapware and Q-Tips!  All very very CRAVEABLE.