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Steve Proffitt and Eponymous Laws

The Dilbert Principle in action.
The Dilbert Principle in action.
mrapplegate/Flickr (Creative Commons)

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Moore's Law is a principle in the technology world that says the amount of circuits that can fit in a computer chip doubles every two years.

For almost half a century, it has driven the increase in computing power and made things like smart phones small and affordable. But in the last few years, chipmakers have feared that physical limits would prevent them from cramming more and more computing power in the same small space.

But several companies have announced breakthroughs that if they pan out, Moore's Law will remain in effect forever. And in a few years, your smart phone will be smarter than, well, God.

That's good news for nerds of all stripes. Joining Madeleine to talk about other laws and adages, or eponymous laws as they're called, is Steve Proffitt.