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The mystery bug that almost killed Meghan Daum

Meghan Daum today with husband Alan Zarembo.
Meghan Daum today with husband Alan Zarembo.
Gina Delvac/KPCC

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Imagine you've got a fever and headache. You might chalk it up to a case of the flu and go about your day. But then it gets worse, so you go to the doctor's office. The next thing you know, you're in an ambulance, being rushed to the hospital. That "flu" has shut down your body. Your organs fail, your brain swells and you're fighting for your life in intensive care. A breathing tube and feeding tube help keep you alive. That's what happened to Meghan Daum in October.

The Pasadena resident and LA Times writer woke up four days after she entered the hospital to emotionally exhausted family and friends who held bedside vigil while she lay on the edge of life. Today, Daum and husband Alan Zarembo recount the traumatic ordeal and track back the innocuous factors that landed her in the intensive care unit.