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Live studio set from LA's own Fool's Gold, composers of The Madeleine Brand Show theme song and much more

Fool's Gold live in studio at KPCC.
Fool's Gold live in studio at KPCC.
Gina Delvac/KPCC

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We're joined by a band that, if you listen to the show, you hear everyday -- that's LA-born and bred, Fool's Gold. A track from their self-titled first album is our theme song, "Nadine." Now they're out with their follow-up, Leave No Trace. Listen in to this interview with primary songwriters Luke Top and Lewis Pesacov and a live performance from the whole band.

As a web-only bonus, listen for the full length acoustic version of Nadine at the end of the interview that we had to cut down for the broadcast.


1:14 - Luke sings a verse of "Nadine" (Fool's Gold) solo with bass
3:13 - "The Dive" (Leave No Trace)
6:08 - "Wild Window" (Leave No Trace)
9:28 - "Nadine" acoustic instrumental (Fool's Gold)