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Rent a tree – a new Christmas tradition?

The Living Christmas Company

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Real or fake? It's the age-old question many families face every time they have to pick out a Christmas tree. Do you buy a real one and feel the guilt of cutting down a precious resource that you're just going to toss on the curb? Or do you buy a reusable plastic tree and face the carbon footprint it took to make the fake evergreen? You could buy a potted Christmas tree but it very well could die under your care. Another option has sprung up: renting a real, live, potted tree. The tree is delivered and then picked up after Christmas. It's eventually planted by professionals in places that need trees.

Portland, San Diego, San Francisco and Vancouver, British Columbia offer similar services. And here in Los Angeles County, there's The Living Christmas Company based in Redondo Beach.


Scott Martin, owner of The Living Christmas Company