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'Pariah' part of black cinema's new wave, Nelson George says

A publicity shot from Andrew Dosunmu's film
A publicity shot from Andrew Dosunmu's film "Restless City." Filmmaker Nelson George writes that the film is one of several features out this year that are shaping a new wave of black cinema.

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Author, filmmaker and television producer Nelson George recently wrote for The New York Times about what he sees as an emerging movement in black filmmaking.

In his article, "New Directors Flesh Out Black America, All of It," George points to several young, black filmmakers who debuted features this year that challenge traditional assumptions about black films.

He calls the effort a "mini-movement" that is moving black cinema away from the hood movies and Tyler Perry films that have been popular at the box office in the past. This new wave, George says, is helping to widen the conversation about black experiences in America.