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Awesome/Not Awesome with Luke Burbank: Werner Herzog's chicken rant

Director Werner Herzog really doesn't like chickens.
Director Werner Herzog really doesn't like chickens.

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Luke Burbank, host of the podcast Too Beautiful to Live, joins Madeleine for his regular analysis of the Awesome/Not Awesome news items of the the week.

A court allows the website ReDigi to stay in operation. The site is a digital music service that basically buys and sells "used" MP3's. So if a user decides they'd rather not own that MGMT album they bought on iTunes, they can "sell" it to ReDigi and trade for someone else's discarded tracks.

Asian American NBA sensation Jeremy Lin has spawned a phenomenon called "Linsanity" as he tears it up on the court.

Plus, a video of Werner Herzog dissing chickens for their "overwhelming stupidity" goes viral:

Werner Herzog on Chickens from Tom Streithorst on Vimeo.