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Actor James Cromwell on the magic of "The Artist," his famous parents and housing Black Panthers

James Cromwell plays Clifton in
James Cromwell plays Clifton in "The Artist."

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James Cromwell's face is one you surely recognize, but you're probably less familiar with his life off-screen. He's a passionate vegan, a political activist who supported the Black Panthers in the 1960s and a child of Hollywood stars.

His film and television career has spanned nearly four decades. The character actor has played in everything from the TV hits “24” and “Six Feet Under” to films like “The Green Mile,” “LA Confidential” and the farmyard favorite from the ‘90s, “Babe.” His latest role is in “The Artist” where he plays Clifton, the loyal chauffeur of silent film star George Valentin. The film is nominated for 10 Academy Awards. Madeleine talks to Cromwell about his career and his political past.


James Cromwell, American film and television actor. Cromwell was born in Los Angeles but raised in Manhattan.