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New Music Tuesday with Drew Tewksbury: Suzanne Ciani and Dirty Three

Dirty Three's newest release,
Dirty Three's newest release, "Toward the Low Sun."
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Music critic Drew Tewksbury reviews new releases from Suzanne Ciani and Dirty Three.

Suzanne Ciani

If you're looking for some music that will satisfy the tech nerds and the music geeks in your life, Suzanne Ciani’s got you covered. Back before electronic music was made on laptops, Suzanne Ciani made music from machines with snarls of wires and over-sized knobs. In the late sixties, Ciani was one of the unsung pioneers of synthesizer music.

Dirty Three

Dirty Three is the longstanding project of Australians Mick Turner, Warren Ellis, and Jim White. Their new album, "Toward the Tow Sun" is their first album in seven years.