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Steve Proffitt breaks down inflation forecasts

Wait, did you just say a little inflation might be good for us?
Wait, did you just say a little inflation might be good for us?
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There's been a lot of good news about the economy lately. But it seems for every silver lining, there's an economist waiting to counter with a dark cloud. They don't call it the dismal science for nothing.

The stock market has recovered, and has been setting new highs. But some economists say it's time to get out of stocks. Good job numbers and increased retail sales can mean only one thing to some analysts - inflation is just around the corner. Even the weather, mild and warm across much of the country, creates anxiety among some of the money mavens. They fear we spent too much during a sunny February, and will have to cut back when April rolls around.

Steve Proffitt looks at some of the dire predictions, and explains a few concepts you might be hearing more about in the coming months, including something called "unit labor cost." It's going up. But that doesn't mean you'll be getting a raise.