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Tech Update with John Moe: Draw Something takes over the app world

A screenshot from
A screenshot from "Draw Something," a wildly popular mobile game.
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John Moe, host of the Marketplace Tech Report, joins the show to talk about the latest news in the technology world.

This week, Angry Birds head to space with the help of NASA, the hot game Draw Something takes over the mobile app market and new details about congressional bills being introduced to ban phone cramming.

"Phone cramming" is the term for little charges on your bill, often so small you don't notice, for services you never signed up for. It occurs when scammers register people against their will and then bank on the hope that people won't bother to fix the error. An investigation by the Senate Commerce Science and Transportation Committee last year found that phone companies had placed $10 billion in third-party charges on customers' landline phone bills over the last five years. A large percentage of those charges were unauthorized.


John Moe, host of Marketplace's Tech Report, which you can hear every weekday on KPCC at 7 p.m.