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A puzzle from Steve Proffitt

Can you solve this puzzle?
Can you solve this puzzle?
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How about a puzzle? Steve Proffitt joins the show with something called a Short List.

See if you can figure out what connects this list of names and companies:

Arrow Mailing Service Two, Incorporated.
Brian and Kathleen Kenner
Lamont and Barbara Dozier
Zib Bioplasma
Lin Tron Aerospace
A Better Way Cremation
Joe Francis
Pink Koa
Pamela Anderson
Archies Trucking and Backhoe
Mondo Condo Corporation
Nicholas Cassavetes
Tiki Hut Food Concepts

The answer: These are a few of the people and companies that appear on a list of 500 California taxpayers who owe a total of $233 million in delinquent taxes.