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From famous playwright to Kindle Single star - Frank Gilroy goes digital

Writer and producer Frank Gilroy.
Writer and producer Frank Gilroy.
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Almost 50 years ago, Frank Gilroy wrote a play that became a major broadway hit. Called "The Subject was Roses," the play starred a young Martin Sheen as a soldier returning home to his family after World War II. The play helped launch Sheen's career and won Gilroy a Pulitzer prize and a Tony award.

Now, decades after Gilroy's last big hit, he's revisiting the subject at the age of 86. And this time he's using an entirely new medium - The Kindle Single. Kindle Singles are short, digital quick reads made for Amazon's Kindle e-book readers. Gilroy's short story is a new memoir called "Private" and it reached number two on the Kindle Single best seller list.


Frank Gilroy joins the show to discuss his new memoir and his time serving in World War II.