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Reinventing the LAPD after the riots

LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) headquarters sign.
LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) headquarters sign.
Eric E Johnson/Flickr/Creative Commons

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While Rodney King and Reginald Denny have become household names, another major player in the LA riots was the Los Angeles Police Department, which came under scrutiny for its practices.

Shortly after the King beating, Mayor Tom Bradley created an independent commission, informally dubbed the "Christopher Commission" after its leader Warren Christopher.

The commission examined the LAPD to an unprecedented degree, probing how the department functioned, how it trained and disciplined officers, and how it dealt with citizen complaints.

And the report it eventually published of its findings sent a shockwave through the LAPD. Every level of the department was criticized.

Joining the show to discuss how the LAPD has changed in the last two decades is activist and author Connie Rice.


Connie Rice is co-director of The Advancement Project, a non-profit group focused on racial justice. Rice is also a member of Southern California Public Radio's board.