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Awesome/Not Awesome with Luke Burbank: Mitt Romney hopes for 'A Better Amercia'

A screenshot from the
A screenshot from the "I'm With Mitt" app.
Jacob Margolis/KPCC

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Luke Burbank, host of the podcast "Too Beautiful to Live," brings us his weekly wrap-up of the week’s awesome and not awesome news:

First, Mitt Romney not only officially won the Republican presidential nomination yesterday, he also released an iPhone app called "With Mitt." Or we could call it Mittstagram. One problem with the app so far? It spells America as 'Amercia', which the Twitter universe has been having some fun with.

Then, Houston High School student Diane Tran was jailed for 24 hours and fined $100 for too many unexcused absences. Tran said that the absences were due to working two jobs, being an honors student and supporting her siblings financially. She's also living with a co-worker's family, as her parents divorced unexpectedly and Tran remained in the town that she was living in.


Luke Burbank, Luke Burbank, host of the podcast "Too Beautiful to Live."