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What's at stake in Tuesday's primary?

Democrats Howard Berman and Brad Sherman.
Democrats Howard Berman and Brad Sherman.
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Tomorrow, California voters head to the polls to decide on a host of issues, including the hotly contested Proposition 29, which would raise taxes on tobacco. And there is a big showdown in the Valley, where two incumbent Democrats ended up running for the same seat after redistricting.

One of two initiatives on the ballot, Prop 29 has garnered the most attention. It would add a dollar in tax to every pack of cigarettes sold in the state and the money generated would then be used for cancer and other health-related research.

Unsurprisingly, tobacco interests oppose it, and they've spent as much as $50 million trying to defeat the measure. Those in favor of the proposition have responded with a bitingly satirical ad, called "I Support Big Tobacco."

On the face of it, this seems like a no-brainer: tax cigarettes, which will discourage smoking, and raise some money for health research. But a number of newspaper editorial boards have come out against Prop 29. Allen Hoffenblum joins the show to discuss the arguments for and against the proposition.

And in the Valley congressional race, redistricting has left Brad Sherman and Howard Berman, both Democrats, running for the same seat. Bob Mulholland, a Democratic campaign advisor joins the show to discuss the possible winner.


Allen Hoffenblum is a Republican political consultant.

Bob Mulholland is a Democratic campaign advisor.