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Fixing the economy and fixing our future

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Unemployment is still high, foreclosure filings have increased, and by all accounts, there is still a long time for the economy to see a full recovery. But what exactly would it take to fix the economy? Tax breaks, tax cuts and economic stimulus? More jobs, less debt and increased home values? Ideas mostly originate from the same two places, Washington and Wall Street, but what if solutions for job creation came from 'Mom and Pop' businesses? That's the question reporter David Brancaccio set out to answer in his new documentary, "Fixing the Future"

Brancaccio's experiment involved going to different cities across the country, like Cleveland, Austin, and St. Paul, to explore if the economic experiments going on throughout 'Main Street' America offered a path toward prosperity.

"Fixing The Future" will be be screened in Culver City on July 18. Visit their Facebook event page for more details.


David Brancaccio, reporter and a host of the Marketplace Morning Report.