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The best places for Taiwanese shaved ice in LA

Taiwanese shaved ice with taro, mochi balls and tapioca pearls.
Taiwanese shaved ice with taro, mochi balls and tapioca pearls.
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If your air conditioning just isn't doing the trick, you can always go out and get yourself a nice cold dessert.

Madeleine talked to Eddie Lin from Deep End Dining about some of the most delicious ways to cool down around LA.

If you're in the mood for something icy, fluffy, creamy, sweet and savory, try one of these Taiwanese shaved ice shops.

Taiwanese shaved ice is like a combination of Hawaiian ice and ice cream. The ice is shaved finely and combined with flavors like sweetened red bean, condensed milk, honey-dew, green tea and strawberry.

Here are a few of the best Taiwanese shaved ice shops in LA:

Sweet Crush Ice Bar

Snow Monkey

Block Heads Shavery

There are alternatives to Taiwanese shaved ice, like at this Korean shaved ice shop: Hwa Sun Ji Tea & Coffee in Korea Town

For jamaica or tamarind flavored ice, head over to Zacatecas Raspados in East LA.

If you're in the mood for a homemade version of a childhood throwback, you'll want to check out Towne, where they make their own push pops. Remember those cardboard tubes filled with the sickeningly sweet ice cream? Well, they step up the push pop game with flavors like orange cinnamon, ginger caramel and vanilla coffee.